Unga Lukas

Unga Lukas has through funds from the Public Health Agency, been able to offer anonymous chat support for gamers. Now the project has come to an end, and we have closed the ORC Therapy chat. We are currently evaluating the project to understand the next steps for Unga Lukas to support gamers in the best way.

Meanwhile you can use our anonymous chat, which is open Mon-Thurs 19-22 at https://chatt.ungalukas.se

Unga Lukas

Unga Lukas is a long-term initiative to promote the mental health of young people. Launched in 2018, it has been developed with the support of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

We develop online meeting places that serve as forums for meaning-making conversations about life. The core of the organisation is the anonymous chat function, which is manned by experienced volunteers. We also provide support via social media and through projects where young people can share their experiences to support each other.

The driving force behind Unga Lukas is Förbundet S: t Lukas - a non-profit organisation with therapy clinics and partner associations throughout Sweden. The operations of our conversational support clinics are based on science and evidence-based experience.

Orc Therapy is a project for gamers aged 13 to 25 - with its own chat function manned with volunteers who are active listeners, compassionate conversationalists and experienced gamers.