Unga Lukas

Unga Lukas has through funds from the Public Health Agency, been able to offer anonymous chat support for gamers. Now the project has come to an end, and we have closed the ORC Therapy chat. We are currently evaluating the project to understand the next steps for Unga Lukas to support gamers in the best way.

Meanwhile you can use our anonymous chat, which is open Mon-Thurs 19-22 at https://chatt.ungalukas.se

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In today’s society, many young adults experience periods of stress, anxiety, or feeling down. But we know that every person has an inner power and great potential. We also know that finding your own sense of meaning and purpose is often the key to well-being and resilience in life.

The main goal of Unga Lukas is to offer young people a safe space to talk and get support with the trials and tribulations in their lives and the emotions that come with them. We want to support young people in developing their inner strength.

The force behind Unga Lukas is Förbundet S:t Lukas – a non-profit organisation with therapy clinics and partner associations throughout Sweden. Any budget surplus is re-invested in the organisation or donated as subsidised aid to people – such as young people – who are unable to pay for our services. The organisation is politically and religiously independent.

Our organisation has been a pioneer in the field of conversational support and psychotherapy since 1939. Today we are one of Sweden’s largest organisations in the area of conversational support, guidance and organisational development.

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· Swish your contribution to 123 608 32 81 - mark the payment with “Orc Unga Lukas”

· Deposit your donation via Bankgiro 214-6538 and mark it with “Orc Unga Lukas”

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