Unga Lukas

Unga Lukas has through funds from the Public Health Agency, been able to offer anonymous chat support for gamers. Now the project has come to an end, and we have closed the ORC Therapy chat. We are currently evaluating the project to understand the next steps for Unga Lukas to support gamers in the best way.

Meanwhile you can use our anonymous chat, which is open Mon-Thurs 19-22 at https://chatt.ungalukas.se


OLURG (OlurgUngLuk)

Conversational supporter

Lok'tar Ogar! There are a few things you need to know before we get started.

Step 1
You need an account in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Since I'm an Orc I hang around in the Horde world. You will also need to download the prat 3.0 addon from CurseForge.

Step 2
I’ll be at the Twisting Nether server every Sunday between 18.00 and 21.00. Whisper to: OlurgUngLuk. Please double-check that you search for the right name in Twisting Nether. I'll answer in the chat by sending you a link to a secure Unga Lukas line where we can talk in private. You’ll find me and my colleagues in Ogrimmar at the Valley of Wisdom. Just whisper - don't share any private thoughts before we're on the secure line. If i'm busy, just wait until I'm free again.

Step 3
Once you're on the secure line: If you want to meet me in a game, you can find me and my colleagues in Ogrimr at valley of Wisdom. You're welcome to join us for a chat at Miwana's Longhouse if you want to. I'll send you temporary invite, so that nobody can see that we are interacting.

I want to remind you that all our conversations are anonymous. During our chat, i will not tell you anything about myself or my fellow volunteers. The conversation will be about you. I will not share what you've told me in confidence with anyone else. Although I'm a great listener, I can't provide professional psychological treatment. If you need emergency help please contact 112.

Our chats are saved for one month, to give our supervisors and coordinators the posibility to give me and my colleagues feedback on our work so that we can give you the best possible support. You can learn more about how we process personal data in our privacy policy.

These sessions are open for all adults between 18 and 25. All sessions are made in Swedish.

See you soon!