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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the basis for our personal data management, as well as your rights with regard to the processing of your personal data. For more detailed policy information in Swedish about Unga Lukas’ activities, visit ungalukas.se or see this PDF.

At Unga Lukas, we want you to feel safe in all your contacts with us and confident in how we process your personal data. We process personal data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This privacy policy covers all your interactions with Unga Lukas. If you have questions about how we process your personal data, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail at info@sanktlukas.se.

The management of personal data

Unga Lukas is a branch of activity within the S: t Lukas organisation, and it is the organisation that is responsible for personal data. The S:t Lukas organisation is an association of several non-profit associations with professional call centres and organisations. Unga Lukas is a psychosocial initiative for young adults that is active throughout Sweden at the national level. The organisation has a data protection officer who can be contacted at info@sanktlukas.se.

The collection of personal data

Unga Lukas may process personal data within the context of the work of running our mental health forums. We may also process personal data about partners, volunteers, donors and others who contact us.

When personal data are processed and stored, they are only used for specifically stated purposes and never for anything outside these purposes.

The personal data that Unga Lukas processes usually come directly from you and are collected in the following areas:

The processing of personal data

The conversational support chat function

Our chat programme is encrypted, which means that what is written in the chat is protected from unauthorised access. In the chat, we protect your right to be anonymous and we do not want you to provide information that makes it possible to identify you. The personal data that are processed in the chat are therefore only such pieces of personal information as you to share with us. We handle this processing of personal data with the support of a so-called “balancing of interests”, wherein we assess that the handling of the data does not violate your privacy. You can oppose this at any time.

We will anonymise the personal data that appears in chat logs within one month, in order to be able to keep the rest of the information as a basis for quality assurance, education and opinion formation. The purpose of saving anonymised material from the chat is to be able to develop and evaluate our activities so that they can become even better and so that we can influence society for the better based on the needs young people generally describe for us in our activities.

If you choose nonetheless to disclose your identity in the chat and together we come to the conclusion that your situation is so serious that we need to report it to the social services, we may also need to process your personal data with your consent. We then process the data to the extent that is necessary in order to file and follow up the report, and subsequently delete the information.

Interaction via social media, e-mail and phone

When you contact us as a support-seeker via social media, you are referred to the chat and your message will be deleted immediately after it has been read and answered. The same goes for e-mail.

When you contact us as a partner or in another role that does not entail a desire for therapeutic or psychological support, you will remain in our message history for as long as we assess that a collaboration may be relevant. The same applies to e-mail. We do not record any phone calls.


We collect and process the personal data you provide to us, such as your name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, comments and the amount of your donation. The purpose of this processing is to provide a receipt for the donation. It also allows us to thank you for being a donor and to carry out internal analysis and follow-up activities. The legal basis for the processing is the fulfilment of our agreement with you in your capacity as a donor and the fulfilment of our legal obligation to report our activities.


We collect and process the personal data that you provide to us when you engage in any form of collaboration with our organisation. The personal data we process are your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other personal information of importance to the engagement or the matter about which you have contacted us. The purpose of this is to administer and manage assignments and to communicate with you. The legal basis for the processing is a legitimate interest or engagement agreement. We engage in the processing on the basis of a so-called “balancing of interests”, wherein we assess that the handling of the data does not violate your privacy. You can oppose the processing at any time.

Who can partake of the information?

We do not disclose personal data in the anonymous chat function, except in exceptional cases in which the police request an IP address. The employees at Unga Lukas who will partake of the information need it to perform their work. We do not disclose personal data unless required to do so by law, ordinance, statue or government decision.

Unga Lukas also uses personal data processors in some cases. The personal data processors that are hired may only process personal data in accordance with the purposes and instructions that we have provided for the processing. Furthermore, the processor and those who act under the processor’s management may never partake of more information than is required for the performance of the service covered by their agreement with us. When personal data are to be processed by a personal data processor, a so-called “personal data processor agreement” is drawn up. Unga Lukas uses personal data processors for, e.g., various types of IT services.

Unga Lukas always strives to process your personal data within the EU/EEA. In special cases where our suppliers or subcontractors process your personal data outside the /EEA, these must maintain the same level of protection as within the EU/EEA.

Storage and culling

Unga Lukas only saves your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed, or if required to do so by law. For more information about applications, etc. See the comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Your rights

The right to information and clarification

You have the right to receive information about the personal data that Unga Lukas processes about you and about the purposes for which this is done. You also have the right to make a written request and thereby gain access to this information. Such a request must be signed by you personally and will only be sent to your address in the national population register.

The right to rectification, the right to be deleted and the right to limitation

You have the right to request that incorrect data about you be corrected or supplemented by us, if you discover that these data are in any way incorrect. You also have the right to request our processing of your personal data be limited. If we are unable to fulfil your request due to legal obligations or stipulations, we will inform you of this via the contact route through which we have previously communicated with you.

In certain situations, you have the right to have your personal data deleted. When your personal data is necessary for us to be able to fulfil an agreement or a legal obligation, we will usually be unable to delete the data.

The right to object

If we process your personal data because we have made a balance of interests and judged that our interest in processing the personal data outweighs your interest, you can object to the processing. We then make a new balance of interests where we take into account your personal reasons.

The right to withdraw your consent

If the processing of your personal data by Unga Lukas has been based on your consent, you always have the right to revoke the consent. If you revoke your consent, the previous statement of consent will not be illegal, but it may be necessary to delete the information.

The right to file a complaint

You have the right to submit a complaint about our handling of your personal data. You can do this on the website of the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY), which is the supervisory authority for GDPR issues - www.imy.se. However, we hope that you contact us first, so that we get a chance to try to correct any problems and learn from them.

Contact information for Unga Lukas

Questions and more information?

If you wish to know more about data protection legislation and your rights, you can read more here.

If you wish to exercise your rights as laid out above, you can contact us at info@sanktlukas.se.

Changes to the privacy policy

We review our privacy information regularly.

This information was last updated on 27 March 2021.